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How Mod Mouth Siezed The Moment
With A Little Professional Help!

Mod Mouth’s website has experienced an incredible shift, changing from outdated and dull to engaging and state of the art complete with a responsive design plus dynamic new features!

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Mod Mouth

Mod Mouth is completely transforming the clear aligner industry with a unique approach: designed and managed by dentists, for dentists. This exciting new opportunity provides an important revenue stream for general practitioners while staying affordable to their patients. Plus, Mod Mouth is very easy to handle and provides dedicated support, so every dentist can succeed in offering this service.

The Problem

Mod Mouth’s digital presence had long been owed a modern upgrade. Our team was trusted with not only revamping the user interface and experience but also coding their existing data into Freshworks CRM seamlessly. It wasn’t an easy job, but our team of tech wizards did not shy away and rose to meet the challenge.


The Solution

Mod Mouth experienced an impressive revival with our help. Our team transformed their website through site interface and user experience redesign, giving them the competitive edge they needed in today’s digital market. Their new website is custom made to fit their audience’s needs for a dentistry B2B business model.

Mod Mouth’s site is now designed for maximum user engagement and search engine optimization. They now have optimized page load times as well as an effective local SEO strategy. Their site offers an interactive, all device friendly experience that ensures their business can reach its full potential. Thanks to our hard work and expertise, Mod Mouth has seen massive results.


The Strategy

Our team was determined to provide an unbeatable user experience with our new website, which meant reaching three major objectives:

  • Creating a user focused design.
  • Ensuring high quality
  • Optimizing the entire system.

We crafted a plan of action to ensure these goals were met with accuracy at every step of the development process.


We want all businesses from Los Angeles, Vancouver, Calgary, and other cities across the world to be able to enjoy gorgeous websites which are mobile-friendly, fully responsive, and consistent in design and performance across all platforms.

Starting from just $199/month


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