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How Luxury Dentistry Was Able To
Transform Its Site Into A Valuable Asset!

From old, slow, and boring to engaging, responsive, and creative. Luxury Dentistry’s site got a total makeover!

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Luxury Dentistry

Dr. Steven Davidowitz is the face of modern cosmetic dentistry in New York City. He owns a leading practice dedicated to creating smiles that is sure to last for generations. He has become quite well known as an expert in providing customized treatments for each patient’s unique preferences and creating amazing smiles as a result.

The Problem

Despite his eagerness to make use of the most modern technology, his website was in alarming need of a redesign. It had become unproductive and disorganized. It didn’t show up well on search engines. Its bad interface and user experience issues were a dead giveaway that changes needed to happen now. As such, severe action was taken, resulting in a completely updated WordPress site.


The Solution

Our team went above and beyond to give the Luxury Dentistry site a complete makeover. Not only did we integrate their custom promotions app, but we also took great care in making sure that it was optimized for search engines and highly engaging in terms of structure and graphics.




The Strategy

We broke down the work that needed to be done into three parts:

  • The Content.
  • The Coding.
  • The SEO.

Three experienced teams worked together to take on this huge task: a team of content writers, SEO experts, and web designers. This combination of skill sets allowed us to make something truly special.

The Results

Luxury Dentistry made a complete transformation with our help, moving on from regular bugs to a flawless website. Our team also improved the customer experience by designing a custom promotions App. Now Luxury Dentistry feels confident in its ability to always tune into and act on client feedback for even more optimization success.

Working with our help, Luxury Dentistry was able to use Google Ads and strategically add negative keywords for hyper targeted campaigns. To ensure Luxury Dentistry was connecting with their most relevant customers and not wasting resources, we optimized for target ROAS. Our expertise and efforts paid off as the dentistry office now has faster page load times as well as a more powerful local SEO strategy. All of this resulted in an increased number of engagements and bookings made post revamp.


We want all Dentists to be able to enjoy gorgeous websites which are mobile-friendly, fully responsive

that bring in additional leads and traffic.

We want all Dentists to be able to enjoy gorgeous websites which are mobile-friendly, fully responsive that bring in additional leads and traffic.

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