Is Your Dental Digital Marketing Agency Working
Dental marketing agencies can be a great resource for businesses and dentists looking to increase their visibility. Most customers use Google to discover and research products and services, and 44% of patients who search on their mobile devices schedule appointments. By creating an effective marketing campaign, dental marketing agencies can help attract new patients and grow your practice. In addition, you can maximize your marketing budget and reach a larger audience of potential patients by working with a dental marketing agency. Read on to learn more! 

What is a Dental Marketing Agency?

  A dental marketing agency is a company that provides marketing and advertising services to dental practices. The agency may provide various services, including online, social media marketing, and traditional marketing practices like direct mail and print ads. It has been found that 55% of healthcare organizations use a digital marketing firm to help with digital strategies.    The dental marketing agency aims to help the dental practice attract new patients and grow its business. This agency will work with the dental practice to develop a marketing plan tailored to the practice’s needs to achieve this goal. For example, your marketing reaches the right people if you get more referrals from other dental businesses or online directories. The agency can also provide website design and development services, branding, and market research. By working with a dental marketing agency, dentists can focus on providing quality care to their patients while leaving marketing to the experts.  

Benefits of Using a Dental Marketing Agency

Benefits Of Using Digital Marketing Agency   A dental marketing agency can offer a wide range of benefits to dental practices. Some of the benefits are mentioned below.
  • Cost-effective
  Hiring an agency will help save money and time for your practice by using the tools and resources they have. You can focus more on patients and not worry about marketing your business. It will help you get the most return for your investment within the budget. An expert will guide you on where to spend money and how to save money.   
  • Website Essentials
  An expert can help you improve your website and make it more appealing to patients. The agency can make a responsive design that looks great on all devices and create engaging and informative content. It has been found that 57% of practices are interested in redesigning their website.
  • Optimized SEO 
  A dental marketing professional will create high-quality content that is informative and keyword-rich. This will build links to your website from other high-quality websites. It will also help your website to rank highly for relevant searches and increase your website SEO more effectively and efficiently. As a result, potential patients can easily find you online this way.
  • Social Media Leadership
  An expert will keep your social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter updated and engaging, helping you connect with potential patients who might not know about your practice. 41% of clients mention that content found on social media affects their choice of hospital or treatment center. The marketing agency can enhance your social media platforms for patient profiles, images, success stories, product reviews, wellness updates, and discounts and promotions.
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  A dental marketing agency will use PPC to advertise your services online on search engines, social media, and websites. It is an efficient way to reach patients, as it allows companies to target their ads to clients interested in their services already. This will help target patients searching for dental services online to grow their dental practice. 
  • Generate Quality Dental Leads 
  It has been found that 76% of prospective patients do their research on a provider’s website. By optimizing its website and using targeted marketing campaigns, the agency can help dentists to attract more patients/leads to their practice. They can also provide dental lead generation services that can help dentists to convert website visitors into patients.

Check if Your Dental Marketing Agency is Working

Review Your Dental Digital Marketing Agency   There are two main ways to measure if your dental marketing agency is working: Analytics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).  Consider these 4 key factors to track Analytics:
  • Website Traffic 
  By checking website traffic, dental businesses can see how many people are coming to their website, how long they stay on the site, and how they engage with the content. If you’re seeing an increase in the number of visitors to your site regularly, it’s likely that your marketing agency is making efforts and attracting new patients. 
  • Social media followers
  Engagement is tracked through likes, comments, clicks, number of follows, increase in followers, and views. Suppose you are not seeing a lot of engagement on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. It could signify that your marketing agency needs to adjust its strategy.   
  • Email subscribers
  Track the number of new email subscribers regularly to get insight into external efforts. Check the quality of email subjects and preview lines by looking at open rates and assessing the content of your email using click-through rates (CTR). If there is an increase in unsubscribe rates, it’s a sign that the marketing agency is not doing well.
  • SEO and keyword rankings
  If your dental business is showing up for relevant keywords and ranking high on search engines, it means potential customers find you when they’re searching for dental services. Another statistic that assists in evaluating the “importance” of your content and materials is the degree of authority and value search engines like Google give to your website. 

Track these factors for KPIs:

  • Leads 
  You can ask your dental marketing agency for a monthly report that details the leads they have generated. This report includes information on how the leads were developed and how many conversions were made. By tracking the volume and quality of leads, you can see how the investment is paying off.
  • Cost Per Lead (CPL)
  To calculate your CPL, divide your marketing budget by the number of patient leads you generate in a given period. If your CPL patient is high, it may be time for your dental marketing agency to reconsider its strategies. 
  • Patient Acquisition Cost (PAC)
  If your PAC is too high, you’re not getting enough bang for your buck. It shows that you are spending more on marketing than the number of patients acquired, and the marketing agency is not working well.
  • Return On Investment (ROI)
  It measures how much profit your dental marketing agency makes for your practice after deducting the marketing expenses. You can track your quarterly, monthly, and annually routine performance through ROI for better planning and budgeting. If your marketing agency has a high ROI percentage, they are doing good efforts. If you’re not getting the level of service you deserve, it’s time to find a new dental marketing agency.

How to Choose the Right Dental Agency 

How To Choose The Right Dental Agency Experience and integrity are two of the most important qualities when finding a dental marketing agency. Check references and see the agency’s expertise in working with dental practices. They should show you a portfolio of successful campaigns they’ve worked on. It’s also important to find an agency that has a good reputation and is known for its professionalism. You should know they’re honest about what will and won’t work for your practice. Another important factor to consider is pricing to get a fair price for its services. Consider these factors to find the right dental marketing agency for your needs.


The factors to look for while looking for a good marketing agency are mentioned in this blog to receive the benefits it can have. It has been found that 58% of people have searched for an online review of a provider. By using analytics and key performance indicators (KPIs), you can confirm that your dental marketing agency is working effectively and driving results. If you don’t see the results from your agency, it may be time to make a change. How can you be sure? Our experts help businesses like yours find and implement an effective dental marketing strategy. So don’t wait any longer. Let us show you how an agency can help improve your bottom line. Contact us today.