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The Challenge

Union Fitness Collective, like many other businesses, was facing a problem which is growing become more common. A poorly constructed website which was not mobile friendly, SEO capable and most importantly did not represent their brand on-line effectively or accurately. Union hired us to address this issue and bring them back to relevancy for the web.

The Solution

Our primary goal with Union was to maintain the brand’s integrity whilst building a new mobile friendly and responsive website that would increase sign-ups and traffic to the business. As with any project, we spent ample time in the discovery phase where we established a customer-oriented approach to using the website. This, of course, meant a mobile-first design that would target Union’s customer base in order to boost online conversions.

Final Website


We want all businesses from Los Angeles, Vancouver, Calgary, and other cities across the world to be able to enjoy gorgeous websites which are mobile-friendly, fully responsive, and consistent in design and performance across all platforms.

Starting from just $199/month


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