Virgin Raw Foods

Beverly Hills
Superfood Company

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website development

The Challenge

Virgin Raw Foods has a fantastic product called "Bee Panacea, a product that is used by many around the world, including Victoria Beckham! Their website was not mobile friendly, was performing poorly and lacked a memorable user experience. Data showed high bounce rates and low conversions due to poor navigation and an overall difficulty using the site.

The Solution

After performing solid UX testing we began creating an entirely new website for Virgin Raw Foods. We worked with the staff to create a completely custom and fully responsive website that looks great on any device. Compatible with their existing e-commerce system, the new design of the site has helped the company to sell more product and grow their business.




We want all businesses from Los Angeles, Vancouver, Calgary and other cities across the world to be able to enjoy gorgeous websites which are mobile friendly, full responsive and consistent in design and performance across all platforms.

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